🟡 EICHHOFF WERKE / various orange telescopic table lamps / Koch Creations / 1970s Germany

from €125,- /

Various telescopic table lamps designed by Koch Creations Lynbrook NYC and produced by Eichhoff Werke, 1970s Germany. Four types of orange desk lamps with telescopic arm.

A/ desk lamp E3371 with orange bulb and spherical stand. B/ desk lamp E3372 with clock and alarm clock. C/ desk lamp “Lampette”. D/ desk lamp E3370 with original box

Condition: all in good to very good condition.

A = €125,- / B = €150,- / C = €125,- / D = €125,-

Diemensions: height extended between 40-50 cm.

Code: V2403


A /
B /
C /
D /

Diverse telescopische tafellampjes ontworpen door Koch Creations Lynbrook NYC en geproduceerd door Eichhoff Werke, 1970s Duitsland. Vier typen oranje bureaulampjes met telescopische arm.



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